Who owns what
Effective sales meetings
Know what your wholesale prospect or client holds at a portfolio or aggregate level
Discover valuable sales prospects
What are fund of funds buying from your competitors in a given territory?
Up-to-date competitive intelligence
Easy tracking of your competitor fund management companies
Clients with aggregated €16T AUM rely on us to support their commercial and marketing teams
Investment vehicles holding investments in third party funds
Institutional clients’ detailed holdings in database available to you
Opportunity discovery, pre-sales homework
Find out the fund categories your clients demand
Analyse your competitors' footprint
Transform your sales team with the solution defined and developed for asset managers
InstitutionalFundSales is the online service that enhances commercial team’s productivity at fund management firms by providing underlying third party fund holdings information at a client, portfolio, category or competitor levels
Spend time with your clients instead of doing cumbersome data related activities
InstitutionalFundSales does that for you so you are more efficient and reach target AUM quota
European and LatAm coverage
We seek to cover any portfolio with third party funds. You will have actionable up-to-date information on any publicly available instrument investing in mutual funds (investment funds, fund of funds, pension funds and private portfolios invested in mutual funds)
You are better off trusting reliable holdings data than guesswork
InstitutionalFundSales, where tactic meets strategy