We built the company we would want to do business with. We hope you do too
We deliver what it says on the tin:
Great value to the community of professionals promoting funds to institutional asset managers
We will never overlook the basics:
Great service, ease of use, honest pricing, and respect for your time, trust, and money. InstitutionalFundSales functionality is intuitive and designed to leap-frog your sales
Our customers fund our daily operations by paying for our services:
We answer to them — not investors, or a board of directors
Helping the most needed:
InstitutionalFundSales wants to make a positive impact in the community. We sponsor a number of NGOs with 5% of the income generated
Executive Team
Juan Velasco and Alberto Palomero founded 3P Fund Intelligence, owner of InstitutionalFundSales, in 2014 to provide buy-side commercial teams with a strong capability to excel in their day-to-day activities
Alberto Palomero
Co Founder and Head of Business Development. Alberto has a wide knowledge of buy-side work-flow and dynamics. Having worked at custodian services, wealth managers and financial information services firms he is passionate about the challenges and opportunities facing asset management
Juan Velasco
Co Founder and Technology Partner. Wide-ranging knowledge of ICT and adjacent markets, based on deep understanding of technology and business relationships. Juan is a key expert in the telecommunication and IT sectors