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How are funds categorized?

All investment vehicles are classified according to our proprietary InstitutionalFundSales Categorization system. As a rule of thumb we classify funds following the description the fund manager does on its marketing materials or legal documents. We give each investment vehicle the classification which is a combination of Asset Class + Geographical Focus/Currency + Style ie “Bond USD MBS” or “Equity Japan Small Caps”.

How often is data refreshed?

The database is updated daily. When new from-the-source reliable information is available we process it for you to be effective in your sales activities. When new data is published by fund management firms or regulatory bodies we process it so you act on accurate and up-to-date information.

What fund domiciles are available? How to see them with my user credentials?

The following fund domiciles available for subscription: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Nordics, Peru, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.
As you read we are working to offer you more fund domiciles, let us know your interests so we can prioritize our efforts.
Your InstitutionalFundSales user credentials allows you to screen the fund domiciles you subscribed to, should you want to add more to your service just let our sales representative know and we´ll provide you with a quote.

What information do I get?

You have actionable up-to-date information on any publicly available instrument investing in third party mutual funds (investment funds, fund of funds, pension funds and private portfolios which invest in mutual funds). We seek to cover any portfolio investing in third party funds, providing such information is public and reliable.

Can I do multiple selection?

Sure, just click while holding the control key. You can use it on the top buttons for selecting a subset of fund domiciles, Target types and Portfolio types. If you want to select a group of clients, categories or competitors use the control key on the vertical display.


Is there a quick way to find out which are the most popular funds in a domicile?

Yes, check the Overview page, select the fund domicile you are interested in and check the lower part where the information is located.


Which views are more relevant to me?

There are a number of information views in your service organized around Targets, Categories and Hunters. If you want to prepare for a meeting or scan for sales candidates’ you´ll probably use the Target, Target-Category or Target-Product. If you want to quickly identify the appetite for a particular investment strategy you can start with the set of by Category views. For an analysis of the competitive landscape check the Hunter views available.

Can I get the ISIN code of a set of funds?

If you want to extract the ISIN code, right click and export to extract information into excel, or other programs.


Can I analyze Active vs Passive portfolio´s underlying assets?

By default all underlying assets in a portfolio are shown. Should you wish to see Active or Passive underlying assets check the appropriate box located on the right top corner.
The Active-Passive split is shown across most of the charts in the tool:


How do I report missing or incorrect data?

We appreciate your input to help us improve our content and service. Please do let us know if something is incorrect or missing by using the Contact us section in our website, or send us an email to
Please remember the database contains third party funds only, if a fund holds same-group underlying funds information is not loaded to the database.

Are copying and printing features available?

Select the desired area, right click to extract information into excel, or other programs. If you want to extract the ISIN code ensure you select some additional area to the right of the information:


Should you wish to print the screen use your print screen button or right click with mouse.

Can I see the market share of my competitors?

Information is available in €uros and as percentage points. If you want to see market share of fund management firms, clients or how investors allocate to different strategies just select the “%” symbol on the top right corner. Please remember the database contains third party funds only, if a fund holds same-group funds information is not loaded to the database.


What does 'COO' filter stands for?

This allows you to look at clients based on their Country Of Origin rather than on the country in which the client product is legally domiciled.
This filter works as an alternative to the Domiciles one; when you select one or more countries of origin in the COO dropdown menu, the Domiciles is automatically set to 'All'. To go back to the analysis based on fund domiciles click on any of the country domicile buttons you subscribe to; this will reset the COO filter to 'All' automatically.


Can I sort the results by amount?

Should you wish to sort the results by amount click on the header "Holdings €K". Click on the names column header to sort alphabetically. Easy!

Can I share my user credentials internally?

Before doing so please read your subscription details. Please be aware your service is dimensioned according to the number of users set. Sharing your credentials with colleagues can slow the service or even breach the agreement terms.

Can I share information outside my organization?

You are legally responsible of the usage of the credentials provided to you. You cannot let others use your InstitutionalFundSales user and password.
We appreciate you quote our brand in full “” when using intelligence derived from using the service in your internal or external presentations.

Do I have to subscribe to the full set of database files in the InstitutionalFundSales universe?

You may subscribe to all of the available database files or only those databases that are needed to fulfill your current analysis requirements.

Which are the technical minimal requirements for using InstitutionalFundSales?

InstitutionalFundSales is a web service, we support the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer v.11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Neon…

How can I contact InstitutionalFundSales?

Getting in contact with InstitutionalFundSales is easy, do click on “Contact us”. Alternatively you can get in touch with us by contacting our sales representatives.