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Opportunity discovery, presales homework
Discover green areas you could explore to grow your firm's AUM. Easy filtering by target
Use the Target filter to get spot-on views of your clients' portfolios and underlying mutual funds. Screening by target can help you optimise your time by ensuring you act on the relevant short list of candidates. Know what fund categories are being added into your prospects' portfolios.
Find out the fund categories your clients demand
Identifying prospects that follow a specific investment objective or asset type has never been so straightforward
With the Category filter you can discover valuable sales prospects, plan a fund manager roadshow or decide which products you should register for sale in a country
Analyze your competitors' footprint
Check out your peers' position with clients and prospect clients, both at portfolio level and aggregated by competitor
Planning a campaign to displace a competitor product? Only two clicks to see who holds it and easily export the data to excel to assign the displacement task to your team. You can maintain and improve your competitive dashboard as well as track your peers in no-time with up-to-date reliable information.