Who owns what

For you fund sales person and marketer.

To get spot-on views of your clients & prospects portfolios and underlying mutual funds.

We help mutual fund sales & marketing teams operate more efficiently by providing institutional fund ownership content online.

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Up-to-date competitive intelligence

Easy tracking of your competitor fund management companies

Discover valuable sales prospects

What are fund of funds buying from your competitors in a given territory? What fund categories are being added into your prospects portfolios?

Effective planning for sales meetings

Know what your prospect or client fund management company holds at a portfolio or aggregate level.

Opportunity discovery, presales homework.Discover green areas you could explore to grow your firm´s AUM.

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Find out the fund categories your clients demand.Identification of prospects that follow a specific investment objective or asset type has never been so straightforward.

Analyze your competitors´ foot print.Check out your peers´ position with clients and prospect clients, both at portfolio level and aggregated by competitor.

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