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Easy filtering by target

Use the screening by target (asset management firm, fund company name, country of domicile, investment vehicle) and other filters to get spot-on views of your clients´ portfolios and underlying mutual funds´.
Screening by target and domicile can help you optimize your agenda by making sure you act on the relevant candidates. Visualizing a subset of info such as the asset management firm or portfolio which matches a given AUM criteria is simple, no fuss.
Get spot-on views of your clients´ portfolios and underlying mutual funds.

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Category-based screen

Discover valuable sales prospects.
With a single click you can retrieve AUM (assets under management), asset management firm and underlying investment funds.
The combination of category + hunter product name provides you with a total portrait to plan your next move, such as a powerful displacement campaign.

Screening by competitor

Check out your peers´position with clients and prospect clients, both at portfolio level and aggregated by competitor. Find out what collective investment scheme your competitor sold, including amount of position by portfolio and target firm. The advanced and intuitive filter allows you to discriminate by portfolio and target fund management firm size. With IFS you can maintain and improve your competitive dashboard as well as track your peers in no-time with up-to-date reliable information.

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European and LatAm coverage

We seek to cover any portfolio with third party funds. You will have actionable up-to-date information on any publicly available instrument investing in mutual funds (investment funds, fund of funds, pension funds and private portfolios which invest in mutual funds).

Immediate access to actionable information for fund sales professionals

You can use it on the go with your tablet or smartphone. Spend time with your clients rather than doing cumbersome data related activities.  InstitutionalFundSales does that for you so you are more efficient and reach target AUM quota.

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IFS Consulting

IFS Consulting can provide critical assistance along the sales cycle, from pre-registration, to fund- range optimization. Target firm and competitive landscape analyses by country of domicile, asset type, and category are available for fund of funds, pension funds and private portfolios.

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